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Boatyard View: A New Plein Air Painting

Boatyard View, 8×10, acrylic on Canson Board, copyright 2013 Jan Blencowe View it on my website HERE or $350 + tax and $20 s/h There aren’t many this summer, but every chance I get I’m out there painting. This was last week end late in the day at Hammonasset State Park.  Lot’s of things are… read more

Zen Garden Plein Air Painting

    Zen Garden, 5×7, acrylic on mat board, unframed $135.00 + 12.00 s/h  I’m trying to make the most of my time this summer especially when the sun is out! Early this morning I sat in my Zen garden in my pj’s just as the sun was peeking over the tree tops and painted… read more

Some BRAND NEW plein Air Paintings

 Happy Hour, 8×10, acrylic on sealed Arches cold pressed  watercolor board view or purchase on my website HERE copyright Jan Blencowe 2013  June Marsh, 8×10, acrylic on sealed Canson board, view or purchase on my website HERE copyright Jan Blencowe 2013    Evening Marsh, 4×10, acrylic, on sealed Canson board, view or purchase on  my… read more

Maine Plein Air Landscape Painting a Meritorious Entry

The Carrying Place, 8×10, gouache, copyright 2012, Jan Blencowe See it on my website HERE   I was so pleased to find out today that my Maine landscape painting The Carrying Place done on last summer’s Maine painting trip, while not a finalist, was designated a Meritorious Entry, in the Richeson75 Landscape, Seascape & Architectural… read more

Another New Painting of Maine

 Incoming Tide, Schoodic, 20×30, acrylic on linen, copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe   The Muse of Maine A single place can sometimes be a muse for many paintings. Such is the case with the beautiful Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park in Maine. This is the same area as my last painting but from a different… read more