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Landscapes Through Time Season 2

     David Dunlop on location painting for Landscapes Through Time Landscapes Through Time, with David Dunlop,  Season  2 I just backed new Kickstart project to produce a second season of the Emmy Award Winning PBS program David Dunlop’s Landscapes Through Time! You can back the project for ANY amount. I chose $100 because I… read more

Landscape Painting: Rocks in Maine

    Climbing Up, 30×36, acrylic, copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe   Painting Maine’s Geography As I continue to paint Maine I’m specifically drawn to painting  rocks, rock formations and the interplay between rocks and the encroaching trees and plants that make their homes in the fissures of rock formations and contribute to the breaking apart… read more

Landscape Paintings that Capture the Changes in Nature

  Currently Untitled (if you have suggestions post them in the comments please!), 20×30, acrylic on linen copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe This is fresh off the easel. It hasn’t even been photographed professionally yet, so you’ll have to put up with my so-so photography. It seems I’m endlessly fascinated by rocks and the forces of… read more

Inspiration for Painting Maine Landscapes

    Neil Welliver, Blueberries in Fissures, 96in x 96in, oil on canvas, 1983 For more information on Neil Welliver’s (1929-2005) work, please visit wikipainitngs   I first came across Neil Welliver’s paintings in two books I’d purchased, Paintings of Maine, and Paintings of Maine: a new collection, by Carl Little,  just before I went… read more