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Bear Mountain Gold a New England in Autumn Landscape Painting

Bear Mountain Gold, 30×36, acrylic © 2013 Jan Blencowe  It’s been a long time since my last blog post, and that’s partly due to my commitment to make creating art a top priority, and computer stuff a lower priority. Such a difficult task to have a balance between making and marketing!  Anyway, here it is…my… read more

Spring Woods: A New England Landscape Painting

  Spring Woods, 24×24, acrylic, copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe View on my website HERE A New Series of Woodland Paintings   It’s been a long, snowy, cold winter and spring has taken her sweet time in coming. New England can sometimes be that way. But finally, as May arrives so has spring. As the woodlands… read more

Painting New England’s Landscape and Trees

  Tall Trees, 36×24, acrylic, Copyright 2013 Jan Blencowe    Painting the Colors in Trees Color is becoming increasingly important in my new work. Manipulating the properties of color allows me to say a great many things about my subject, both descriptive and emotional.    The properties of colors of course are hue, value, temperature… read more