wood, fiber, clay, unframed


Description of Old Mother Moss Tree

When the winter chill sweeps across the land and the frosts come Old Mother Moss Tree covers herself with lichen and moss to warm her bare branches and offer downy soft shelter to woodland birds and small animals. She’s a survivor, Old Mother Moss Tree, gnarled and bent with roots that go deep. She’s learned the secrets to weathering even the worst storms. Like the willows she’s learned to bend and not be rigid when changes come, like the oaks she’s learned to be stubborn, but while they cling to their dead leaves all winter she has learned that it’s better to nourish the moss and lichens for they are alive. Her wisdom for you is to learn to accept changes and storms when they come. Bend, compromise, be flexible. She reminds you not to hold onto things that are already dead, weigh you down and no longer serve you. Instead she encourages you to gather to yourself that which brings you life and helps you to open up and share your prosperity and comfort with others.