14.00"x4.00" mixed media, gallery wrap


Description of Mother Fir

This cheerful woodland dryad is the spirit of the fir tree. She is called Mother Fir. Fir trees were considered one of the nine sacred woods of the Druids. Mother Fir is a symbol of honesty, truth and forthrightness because of the way she grows, “straight and narrow.” Her trunk reminds us of a tall straight pillar of strength, a symbolic tower of truth. Mother Fir is a symbol of friendship. Her evergreen nature is a reminder of the life-long connections we share with our friends.

Her evergreen nature also signifies hope, promise and renewal in the midst of the long, dark winter months. Celebrations and rituals centered around Mother Fir, include setting intentions that will
bud in spring and come to fruition in summer. The ancient Celts recognized Mother Fir’s ability to outlive and outlast most other trees, and saw in her the qualities of resilience and longevity. Mother Fir also withstands torrid conditions, and is able to survive in challenging weather as well as substandard soils. Mother Fir will bring to you endurance and determination whenever you need them.

Symbolic Celtic Meaning of the Fir Tree