15.00"x4.00" mixed media, gallery wrap


Description of Holly

A dryad is the life-spirit, and guardian of a tree, its life and the life of the tree are intertwined. This is Holly the dryad spirit of the holly tree, and a familiar symbol of both Yule and Christmas. The mighty oak tree rules the realms of summer in the woods when the days are long and sunlight abundant. Holly is its counterpart, remaining verdant and lively against a white landscape of snow, and ruling the lunar months when darkness prevails. Holly is a symbol of good luck and protection. Traditionally, holly trees are often planted near dwellings to protect against lightening, and today science has shown that the unique shape of holly leaves actually does repel lightening energy. Holly leaves are very prickly, and deemed another metaphor for protection, vigilance, and stubborn victories won. When you are feeling the walls cave in on you, call upon the holly. Invoke its protective qualities and you will soon find you no longer need be on the defensive. The holly will protect and bolster you to victory.

As the ruler of winter, the holly is also associated with dreams and the subconscious. Druids would often invoke the holly energy for assistance in dream work as well as spiritual journeying. Holly’s prickly leaves and red berries are also associated with Jesus’ crown of thorns and thus the humility and spiritual victory of love over hatred.

Symbolic Messages from the Holly include:
Let your beauty shine within even in times of dormancy
Rule the day, and let your generosity be your legacy
The energy of life is ever-present