fiber, clay, natural wood, unframed


Description of First Snow Faerie

Ready or not the first snows come, signaling the advent of the winter season, a time of exquisite, crystalline beauty. First Snow Faerie is one who reminds us that even in the harshest circumstances, when life seems to have come to a halt, and our hearts are frozen, perhaps with loss, fear or anxiety even a small glimmer of light will illuminate the complex beauty to be found in such a situation. We may have to look closely to see the unique structure of a snowflake just as we may have to look very closely at our circumstances to see the complex pattern that is emerging. A quiet, frozen beauty is sometimes what meets us, but it is only ever for a while as the thaw of spring is sure to come bringing with it the first stirrings in the belly of the earth and finally the re-birth in spring.