16.00"x20.00" acrylic, unframed


Description of Every Spring Is The Only Spring

Walking along in spring it is summer in the sun and winter in the shadows! Yet, you always know that the sun will finally win the day and the last bit of winter’s chill will be chased away for a season. Many layers of translucent paint and veils of color achieve the effect of spring sun warming the earth and coaxing green garlands from the trees. Dainty, early spring wildflowers, or weeds of you like, decorate the path’s edges and promise a grander show in June. A recent viewer commented that this painting was “beautifully serene”, and so it is. Serenity is in such short supply in our frantic modern world I am glad to know you may find serenity in this painting. Acrylic on linen, signed lower left, sealed with an archival varnish.

Tags: Painting, Luminism, landscape,tonalist, summer, sherwood island, connecticut, pastoral, poetic