17.00"x5.00" mixed media, gallery wrap


Description of Eagle Woman

Eagle Woman – $95

She is Eagle Woman, wise and powerful. Her face and eagle crown are hand sculpted, and she wears the emblem of the sun. The Pueblo Indians believe that eagles can spiral upwards until they pass through a hole in the sky and pass into the realm of the sun and so they are associated with all the powers and energies of the sun itself. Eagle Woman can teach you how to be grounded in this world while also inhabiting the world of spirit. Her power can help you integrate both the physical and spiritual aspects of yourself. This Eagle Woman holds the spirit of the bald eagle, often seen along the Connecticut River. Bald Eagles are fishing eagles so they are deeply associated with the energy of water from which they draw their food. Water symbolizes the awakening of creativity and the ability to walk between two worlds. If you are embarking on a creative project or seeking spiritual truths, Eagle Woman can guide you.