24.00"x30.00" acrylic, unframed


Description of Ancient Rocks

I am so fortunate to live in this landscape. This gorgeous scenery is based on the landscape at Hammonasset State Park in Madison, CT These rocks, smoothed and rounded by years of waves and tides were deposited here on the southern Connecticut coast 10,000 years ago by a glacier and form two large geographical features known as moraines. As I sit on the rocks as the sun sinks low in the June sky I am awestruck by the age and enduring presence of these rocks. They remind me of the necessity of persevering through storms and aging with smooth and rounded grace.

Tags:Painting, Luminism, tonalist, luminist, neo-luminist, landscape, poetic, american, tonalism, new england, connecticut, jan blencowe, coast, seascape, rocks