Salmagundi Club Spring Auction News

by Jan Blencowe in Art Collecting


Every Spring and Fall the Salmagundi Club in NYC has fundraising
auctions. These are terrific because they benefit an historic art
club,help me pay my club dues, and give YOU an amazing opportunity
to purchase my paintings at extraordinary prices! This year is
especially important because an amazing renovation of the main gallery
is nearly complete at SCNY. Preserv Building Restoration is the firm
handling the renovations as they specialize in historic preservation
projects, and the beautiful brownstone mansion that houses the club
falls under that category. The newly renovated gallery will be the
showplace of Greenwich village, and give SCNY members a magnificent
space to showcase their art.

The best news is that the
auctions are also on line and that allows everyone to have an
opportunity to bid! There’s also the live auctions and a beautiful
auction dinner, if you’re in NYC and feel inclines to participate in the
excitement of a live auction.

There are three auctions: Fri. Mar. 14, Fri. Mar. 21, Fri. Mar. 28
I don’t know yet which paintings will be assigned to which auctions
that info should be coming down the pike soon…however these are the
three paintings that I’m offering. They are each 8×10, and will be sold
framed and range from 12 x 14 to 12.5 x14.5 in size in the frame. they
are all lovely plein air paintings of Connecticut locations,
Hammonasset, Madison, Stoney Creek, Branford, and the McKinney Wildlife
Refuge, Westbrook.

 September Song
 Changing Weather
 McKinney Wildlife Refuge