Connecticut Bird & Wildlife Monoprints

by Jan Blencowe in wildlife monoprints

This is the postcard invitation for a show that I’m in that opens next Friday at Six Summit Gallery in Ivoryton, CT ~ Please stop in if you’re in the area!~

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I’m very excited about these new monoprints I’ve been working on. Printmaking is something that I studied in college while working on my BFA. I loved woodblock printing, struggled with intaglio and never got to try lithography.  Printmaking is challenging because there are so many technical/mechanical aspects that need to be mastered before you can really get expressive. And speaking of expressive, as a painter I gravitate to the more painterly types of printmaking and monoprints are THE most painterly of all the printmaking processes.

Creating Monoprints

I’ve been using the new Gelli Plate, which is destined to replace the gelatin plate of old, for its ease of use and durability.

Monoprinting is pretty free wheeling, (at least the way I approach it! ), and includes painting directly on the plate, stamping (including using natural objects like leaves, twigs and moss, and stamps I design and carve myself ), using stencils both pre-made ones and ones I design and cut myself, found objects and stuff I build and create to make patterns and textures. All of that goes on directly on the plate and then it may also be applied to the print itself. It’s complicated…but fun!

Wildlife Art

Years ago I wanted to become a wildlife artist, but quickly realized that that genre in America is dominated by photo-realists and I had no desire to go down that path. I wish American wildlife artists and
organizations would follow the example of the British and take wildlife
art out of the choke hold of nit picky photo realism and embrace a more
exuberant and comprehensive vision for wildlife art that speaks to the
soul of humankind. 

Check out what the Brit’s are doing in the Society of Wildlife Artists across the pond! Click HERE and scroll down the page. 

Despite the fact that the wildlife genre is still dominated by photo-realists I’ve decided that that shouldn’t keep me from painting a subject that is meaningful to  me, and I’m moving forward creating my own brand of wildlife art. 

These monoprints are the first step in that direction!!

Barn Owl at Dawn, monoprint, 9×6,
© 2013 Jan Blencowe 

 Northern Flicker, monoprint, 10×8,
© 2013 Jan Blencowe 

 The Egret’s Flight, monoprint, 8×10,
© 2013 Jan Blencowe