Boatyard View: A New Plein Air Painting

by Jan Blencowe in Plein Air Paintings

Boatyard View, 8×10, acrylic on Canson Board, copyright 2013 Jan Blencowe

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$350 + tax and $20 s/h

There aren’t many this summer, but every chance I get I’m out there painting. This was last week end late in the day at Hammonasset State Park. 

Lot’s of things are happening right now for me some are wonderful and some are very stressful. I’ll spare you the stressful family stuff, as I’m sure you have your own, and who really wants to focus on that anyway? The positive things we do to combat stress, anxiety or depression are the very things we need to be focusing on.

Nature Study

I’ve taken a step and made a commitment to become a certified naturalist.  I’ll be dedicating the next 3-4 years to a home study program through  

At the end of each level I will receive certification for that portion of the program.  This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time…a lifetime really, ever since I was a very little kid. So that is keeping me busy.

Then there’s the vegetable garden. I’ve already harvested some delicious zucchini and made low carb zucchini bread, and cucumbers and made some really easy and delicious refrigerator pickles.

Next up we have my plans to landscape our entire property with native plants to provide food, shelter, nesting areas and general habitat for wildlife of all kinds. I’ve already had a consultation with a landscape architect who specializes in native plants and I’m very, very excited about this. 

Of course, just having the plans drawn up is expensive (but very worth it for a project this size) so my recent painting sales have brought me about half of what I’ll need for that and I’m counting on additional sales this summer to fund the rest. (Thus, the Studio Sale of small paitntings on ebay this summer). As for the actual installation of our woodland-orchard-meadow native plant project that will be completed over a series of years. However, I am very serious about restoring the land that was disrupted and cleared to build our home and I am determined to see this through.

Nature Journaling

I continue to work in my nature journal everyday documenting all the amazing marvels I see everyday. My naturalist training course has taught me how to activate all my senses and see, hear, and feel so much more when I am outside as well as how to walk in the woods without making a sound! 

If you’d like to see my latest nature journal than click HERE

Here’s a sample in case you don’t have time to look at the whole thing…

On the Easel

I have a new big 30×40 on the easel which is just a partial  under painting at this point. I was inspired by the little creek at the end of our street that suddenly burst into a rushing river after all the recent rains we’ve had.