Landscapes Through Time Season 2

by Jan Blencowe in Painting Inspiration
 David Dunlop on location painting for Landscapes Through Time

Landscapes Through Time, with David Dunlop,  Season  2

I just backed new Kickstart project to produce a second season of the Emmy Award Winning PBS program David Dunlop’s Landscapes Through Time! You can back the project for ANY amount. I chose $100 because I LOVED the first season, and have watched it many times over and because I think it’s such a shame that producers have to go out and raise their own money for arts programming. What is wrong with our society when our TV’s are flooded with incredibly stupid reality shows and arts programming gets…..nothing!!! There are all kinds of perks for backing at different levels so choose what’s right for you but please back this project!!
Go to Kickstart HERE and back the project. This opportunity ends May 31, 2013 so please don’t wait.
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