Spring Woods: A New England Landscape Painting

by Jan Blencowe in landscape paintings

Spring Woods, 24×24, acrylic, copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe

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A New Series of Woodland Paintings


It’s been a long, snowy, cold winter and spring has taken her sweet time in coming. New England can sometimes be that way. But finally, as May arrives so has spring. As the woodlands come to life I find myself pursuing a series of paintings that focus on the woodlands. The rocky coast of Maine has been temporarily put aside as I travel down a new path, with new landscape paintings being created along the way.

Painting a Complex Subject


The density of woods, with so much underbrush, and so many saplings and trees makes for a complex subject matter. There are a lot of overlapping objects and a lot a skinny branches and tree trunks. Creating believable, receding space, and simplifying the tangle are important considerations.

The Joy of a Woodland Painting


For many years I either tried and failed at such subject matter or passed over it, preferring a wide open vista. But now I’ve finally come to a place where I feel I can tackle this subject with skill.

I love being in the woods, they have such a magical atmosphere for me. They also bring me right back to many happy childhood memories. And that is the important aspect for me. I have a deep  memory of the woods developed over the course of my life and it’s that wellspring that is tapped when I paint the woodlands. There is nothing more important than drawing on something inside yourself if you are to make paintings that strike a chord in someone else’s heart.

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