Maine Plein Air Landscape Painting a Meritorious Entry

by Jan Blencowe in Plein Air Paintings
The Carrying Place, 8×10, gouache, copyright 2012, Jan Blencowe
See it on my website HERE
I was so pleased to find out today that my Maine landscape painting The Carrying Place done on last summer’s Maine painting trip, while not a finalist, was designated a Meritorious Entry, in the Richeson75 Landscape, Seascape & Architectural 2013 competition. It will be included in their full color, hardbound exhibition book.
It’s interesting that this would happen this week as I have just completed a studio painting based on this small plein air, field study.


The Carrying Place II, 18×24, acrylic on linen panel, copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe
 See it on my website HERE
The plein air is actually the upper left section of the studio painting and a photo reference helped me fill in the sections that were to the right and a bit lower down.

 Here’s how the plein air painting looked at the actual spot. Isn’t it cool when you can do this, hold up your painting and it fits right into the scene.

It was a funny day weather-wise, that day. We didn’t even bother taking out out easels because it looked as if it were about to rain any moment. So we just sat on the rocks and painted.


 Here I am balancing my painting on my feet! LOL
Besides the great reflections in the water, and  the rich green colors, one of the things I wanted to make sure that I brought into the studio landscape painting that was in the plein air piece that I liked a lot were the blue ghost like pine trees behind the nearer group on the right.
The weather cleared, (we actually ended up staying to paint for several hours!) and I wanted to bring the blue sky and clouds into the final piece but I also wanted that moist, misty, foggy look to linger in the studio version, by including those blue trees. That kind of response and detail is something you can only capture on location in the moment, which is why plein air painting is so important and informs your studio work.