Landscape Paintings that Capture the Changes in Nature

by Jan Blencowe in Painting Inspiration
Currently Untitled (if you have suggestions post them in the comments please!), 20×30, acrylic on linen

copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe

This is fresh off the easel. It hasn’t even been photographed professionally yet, so you’ll have to put up with my so-so photography.

It seems I’m endlessly fascinated by rocks and the forces of nature that can crack granite and the green, life giving force that powers plants to grow up through the rock.

Hildegard von Bingen that great medieval mystic called this power viriditas, simply put, it is the greening power of God. More completely, it evokes vitality, fecundity, lushness, verdure, and  growth often as a reflection of the divine word or as an aspect of the divine nature.

Funny to be thinking about such things as a winter blizzard rages outside. Perhaps that’s just the thing though. Nature is designed to be a wheel constantly in motion. Breaking up, coming apart, crumbling and then new life appearing from the ashes in a never ending cycle of birth, life, death and re-birth.

The shroud of snow outside may have the appearance of death but secretly, below the surface life is stirring and no force in the universe can keep that life from spring forth from the earth at the appointed time.

So in this painting of rocks along Maine’s coast I see the relentless beating of the tides and forces beneath the ground, freeze and thaw, cracking ancient granite formations. On the surface this is destruction of coast line and habitat (for some species anyway). But given enough time I suspect that beautiful stately pines will  marched forward and the granite will have disintegrated to sand and soil, and new things will grow and new animals find a home there.  Or perhaps the seas will rise and cover the rocks and make the trees retreat and a new home for sea life will appear. Whatever happens life will find a way to make its home here in this place.

This landscape painting of Maine  is a tribute to the wise and amazing forces of nature. Though sometimes fierce and damaging nature always cultivates the return and blossoming of life.

How beautiful and wise the divine plan of nature is.

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