Another New Painting of Maine

by Jan Blencowe in Plein Air Paintings
 Incoming Tide, Schoodic, 20×30, acrylic on linen, copyright 2013, Jan Blencowe

The Muse of Maine

A single place can sometimes be a muse for many paintings. Such is the case with the beautiful Schoodic Peninsula in Acadia National Park in Maine. This is the same area as my last painting but from a different point of view and on a different kind of day weather-wise.

A New Corpus of Work

This new body of work is most definitely a break from my previous opus of golden tonalist paintings. The style is a contemporary realism, and the brushwork is what I call a dot-dash style. This is typically the type of abbreviated brush work I use when painting en plein air, and is something I learned from Charles Sovek, years ago.

The Colors of Maine

The color palette is cool, and relies heavily on numerous grays, and color mixes that include black. Aside from the block-in my brushes are small in size allowing me to create a mosaic of color patches that coalesce into form and mass when viewed form a distance.

Looking Forward

Looking to the future I see myself staying with this new approach to contemporary realism for a good long while, both in plein air and studio work. I believe that I will stay with Maine as a subject along with plein air paintings of Connecticut, and perhaps some painting trips to other New England locations.

Gallery Hopping

I have work in a number of places right now. If you find yourself in New York City, stop in at the Salmagundi Club, Forty-Seven, Fifth Ave. where I have two pieces in the Noble Nocturnes Exhibit and two more in the Historic Black & White Exhibit. If you’re in Connecticut, I have five plein air pieces, including some from Maine in the Salon Show at Six Summit Gallery, 6 Summit Street, Ivoryton, and I have a large piece in the Invitational Exhibit at Art Essex Gallery, 10 Main Street, Essex, CT.