New Painting of Maine

by Jan Blencowe in Painting Methods

I’m really pleased with this painting as it shows that I’ve fully turned a corner in my work, leaving behind a soft edged, golden light tonalism and have transitioned into a palette of cool colors and a controlled impressionistic, realism. I worked in a tonalist mode for five years. Now, I feel that I have fully explored that mode of painting and I am so excited to be exploring a new approach to expressing the landscape.


 Schoodic Low Tide, 24 x30, acrylic on linen, copyright 2013 Jan Blencowe

Here’s how the piece began….Daniel Smith Stone Gray gesso on a linen canvas, a grid and an expressive drawing in watercolor pencil. 

 Here’s the block in…thin paint, big shapes…..

The change in my work was sparked by my trip to Maine in 2011 and further cemented by the week long trip to the same area last summer in 2012. The golden tonalism I adopted five years ago was well suited to depicting the marshland of Connecticut but not effective when trying to depict the rugged coast of Maine. Most of the large works I’ve done in the past 18 months have been of Maine, and the plein air work of done in Connecticut has focused on coastal scenes, buildings, and gardens. I am anxious to see how this new cool palette and more impressionistic style works when trying to paint the golden marshes! I think it will require me to see things in the marsh in a new way and focus on different elements. It will also encourage me to look for different Connecticut subject matter. Change is good and the lifeblood of an artists growth and I feel that 2013 will be a year of tremendous growth for me as an artist.