Artist Statement

The elusive mystery of light is my favorite subject. Sunlight, ordinary and yet extraordinary, shapes my paintings. The evocative half-light of sunset, twilight, and dawn transport the viewer to realms beyond the visible. Whether painted on location or in the studio these landscapes go beyond mere representation and impression and delve into the deeper streams and spiritual pulse that sustains all things.

The canvas is both a window and a mirror for me. Through the window of the canvas I create a poetic and elegant vision of nature. Luminosity and veils of translucent color invite quiet contemplation. Each painting is also a mirror reflecting joy and celebration, a visual sonnet of beauty and grace, a journey for the soul, a landscape illuminating the longing of the heart.

I focus on soft edges, rich textures and evocative light that reach in to create peace of mind and heart. Through the harmonization of color, shape and tone paradise is not lost but remembered, hoped for, realized on the canvas and resurrected in our mind.