Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A New Direction

 Above, Bee Balm, acrylic with metallic gold background,  6 x 6 in. cradled wood panel.

Three Bees, mixed media, 6 x 6 in. cradled wood panel

Artist are always reinventing themselves. During the past two years I have ever so slowly seen my aesthetic evolve, my practices and process change and my interests shift.

There's no resisting it anymore, though I did experience quite a bit of resistance from my own inner critic, for quite a long time.  However, with the pieces you see here, pieces that have been let loose in the world, (the two bee pieces currently in a group show at Maple & Main Gallery, called, Celebrating Bees) and the next two destined for a show at Maple & Main that I am curating called , Natural Influences, there is on going back , nor do I want to.

Three Bees, above, is a mixed media piece and that's the direction that I have now set out on. I am no longer content to simply convey the natural world thorough conventionally painted landscapes. I'm now seeking far more intimate and personal processes, practices, imagery, and imaginings in my work.

The deep, spiritual connection that I have to the natural world can now only be expressed through unique artworks that are purely and personally my own.

 Snowy Pursuit, mixed media, 8 1/4 x 7

Everything I'm doing now is a result of what I've learned about nature in the past few years, the many hundred of hours spent in nature making observation and interacting with nature.  It is also a result of the reading and research I've done, as well as the soul searching I've done and continue to do.

Most importantly it's a result of the work I do in my sketchbook which is the the most important part of my artistic practice. Visit my sketch blog HERE

Waiting Owl, mixed media on board, 14 x 18 1/2

I don't know when you'll see a traditional landscape from me again. I suspect that I'll paint a few at least this year.  However, I hope you'll stick around to see what new, and amazingly unique things I produce as I travel down an entirely unknown road, experimenting, exploring and pushing out into uncharted territory. I don't know what will come of it or where it will end. I just know that my muse has been tugging me in this direction for a very long time and it's time to be brave, let go and follow her. 

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Linda Rampey said...

The paintings are beautiful.
I've been encouraged all along by the words in your journey and can't wait to see where we go from here. Journey-on, Jan!