Monday, November 17, 2014

Field of Goldenrod - Bear Mountain Reservation, Danbury, CT

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Field of Goldenrod, 40x60, acrylic
copyright Jan Blencowe 2014

This painting was the centerpiece of a recent solo show called The Nature of Things which explored how we can develop a connection to the spiritual through nature.

I've loved this field of golden rod on Bear Mountain in Danbury, CT and it became the basis for a smaller work which is currently in a small works exhibit at Handwright Gallery in New Canaan, CT

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Golden Field, 11x14, acrylic

I'm sure you can see similarities and differences.  Larger works allow for detail to be painted loosely but read as detailed, mostly because you need to stand back several feet from a five foot painting to take the whole thing in.  So in the top most painting, Field of Goldenrod, things look very natural and real, yet if you walk up close to the painting you see that the application of paint is loose and impressionistic, it just comes together when you stand back to view thew piece as a whole.

In the much smaller Golden Field, the impressionistic handling of the paint is more obvious and the brushwork appears much larger in comparison to the size of the canvas, and becomes a more important part of the look of the piece.

I have a third painting of the golden rod in the works right now and will be able to share that with you soon.

Let me know which of these you like best in the comments! I'm curious to see what you think.

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