Wednesday, June 11, 2014

October Dusk New Large Connecticut Landscape Painting

October Dusk, 30x40, acrylic view on my website

A few posts back I showed the under painting, the  beginning,  of this piece and just realized that I never showed you the final version, so here it is. 

October Dusk, reminds me how beautiful my own neighborhood in southern Connecticut really is. Mighty rock formations deposited by a glacier, 10,000 years ago , are slowly breaking down under the pressures of weather, freeze and thaw and the incursion of opportunistic plants that make their home in any crack big enough to capture soil washed into it by run off and melting snow.

Trees that are bent by the force of the wind, clinging to the hillside spread out their branches to collect as much sunlight as possible during the spring and summer. In the autumn the leaves are a glorious color lit up and made even more spectacular by the rays of a setting autumn sun.

This painting was an absolute joy to work on. It brought me feelings of happiness and satisfaction reflecting, as i was painting,  on the beauty of my lovely little neighborhood.

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