Friday, December 14, 2012

A Re-Post: Artists of the Recession by Mark Edward Adams

Backdoor Boxcar, 8x10, acrylic

I read this article by Mark Edward Adams this morning in the Fine Art Views newsletter. It's sobering, yet enncouraging and spot on, so I felt that I should share it with you. I chose this little broken down boxcar piece to start the page because it reminded me of the great depression when otherwise hardworking men became hobos and hitched rides in boxcars going all over the country looking for work in an effort to support their families and survive. We might find ourselves there again.

 Below I've included a picture of Mark's wonderful sculptures and a link to his website.

Artists Of The Recession

by Mark Edward Adams

Every sale takes an extraordinary amount of work and promotion. I am a product of the recession. I need to push constantly to move forward and think in new ways and make an effort to meet collectors to get out there. I think it is easy to resent the present state of the market, but I don't have any bitterness. I realize that this experience has really been a trial by fire where you must be strong and work hard to sell your work. I think I have gained skills I would have never learned in a strong market. [...]
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