Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunset After the Storm

Sunset After the Storm, 20x24, acrylic on linen

Here's the finish from the posts below. This started as a demonstration painting for the Massasoit Art Guild back in September.

I began with a very loose and expressive block in using transparent red oxide and then some ultra marine blue to create neutrals and cool tones. Many layers of transparent glazes and veils of opaque scumbles were used to build up the painting surface and create a glowing surface. Over that more opaque colors were layered on top creating a series of heavier layers that seem to float on top of the sheer layers of color below.

I had done a small 8x10 limited palette study of this before I began. Which you can see below...

The lighting and color in the study were closer to the really bad iPhone photo I was using but the finished piece with its cooler sky, blazing edge along the clouds and richer more intense colors overall is more in line with the way I remember the very dramatic sunset, which followed a brief but intense storm.

Below is the under painting, just a  reminder of where this started out.....and the importance of having a clear value pattern to work from.  There were many possible ways to approach the color in this piece. I chose to go with intensity, departing from the softer study. But regardless of whether the colors are warm or cool, intense or subtle the value pattern it the foundation of a painting.

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Joan Cole said...

Anyone in the vicinity of Chester, Connecticut, will be able to see your finished painting of "Sunset After a Storm" at Maple & Main Gallery, starting tomorrow. The gallery is open from 11-6 daily; 11-5 on Sundays. The official opening for this new Holiday Show is Friday from 5 to 8 PM. I hope lots of your collectors and friends will take this opportunity to join us.

"Sunset After a Storm" is a gorgeous piece, Jan. I was admiring it this afternoon when I put the label below it! It is striking!