Thursday, September 06, 2012

American Tonalism Lecture & Demonstration

Jan Blencowe, The Hiding Place, 16x20, acrylic on linen, SOLD and in a private collection in Florida

The Poetic Landscape
Painting the Tonalist Landscape in Acrylic with Jan Blencowe

Lecture & Demonstration Tues. Sept. 11, 2012, 7-9pm
Massasoit Art Guild, 110 Pleasant Street, East Brookfield, MA
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Description of the Tonalist Painting Style and Technique
·        Tonalism is rooted in the French Barbizon movement
·        It emphasizes atmosphere and shadow.
·        Middle values are favored as opposed to stronger contrast & high chroma
·        It seeks a compelling overall effect
·        It makes no effort to communicate a message or narrate a story
·        Each sensitively chosen color, composition, and line is arranged to create an intriguing visual poem
·        It uses luscious and luminous evocative atmospheric effects featuring misty backgrounds often illuminated by moonlight
·        It conveys both the natural and spiritual realms
·        The palette is minimal, characterized by warm hues of brown, soft greens, gauzy yellows and muted grays
·        Preferred themes: evocative moonlit nights and poetic, vaporous landscapes, dusk, twilight, sunset, sunrise
·        Favors unconscious states and psychological experiences over reality.

Principle Painters of Tonalism Movement

Ralph Albert Blakelock American, 1847-1919
Thomas Wilmer Dewing  American, 1851-1938]
Robert Swain Gifford American, 1840-1905
Alexander Thomas Harrison American, 1854 -1929
Lowell Birge Harrison American, 1854-1929
George Inness American, 1825-1894
John La Farge American, 1835-1910
Arthur Frank Mathews American, 1860-1945
John Francis Murphy American, 1853-1921
Albert Pinkham Ryder American, 1847-1917
John Henry Twachtman American,1853-1902
Julian Alden Weir American,1852-1919
James Abbott McNeill Whistler American, 1843-1903

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