Monday, July 09, 2012


Backyard Chickens, acrylic on linen panel, 18x24, copyright 2012, Jan Blencowe

I thought this painting was done at least a half dozen times! I was after a very specific look, feel and light in this piece. Spring is a very difficult time to paint, its light, color, atmosphere and mood are delicate, fleeting, gentle, ethereal.

Now that we are in high summer I have more perspective on spring. I think that this painting evokes to feel of spring and I'm happy with the impressionistic brushwork, which was another goal for this piece.

Now I'll be looking for just the right frame!

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Stillman and Birn said...

Stunning painting!
About thinking the painting was done: Jerome Robbins said "musicals are never finished, they're just abandoned." Probably applies to all the arts.