Monday, March 12, 2012

Painting Skies with David Dunlop

Today the blog is morphing into a Home Shopping Network for Artists with  an art infomercial of sorts!  Actually, I consider it a pubic service announcement for artists. I'm not getting paid and I don't get any benefit from this except the opportunity to buy and own a great series of DVD's on Painitng Skies from David Dunlop.

 Many of you will be familiar with David's Emmy Award winning PBS program Landscapes Through Time. If not check them out here. David is a wonderful painter,and currently has a solo show at the Susan Powell Gallery, Madison, CT which is only 10 minutes from my own home and studio. But more than being an accomplished painter David is a superb teacher, a teacher's teacher of sorts. His energy and entertaining style weave together art history, geo-political history, philosophy, aesthetics, psychology and a host of other natural, physical and social sciences. I've heard David speak numerous times and I always come away enriched and looking at art and so much more in a fresh new way. David's painting instruction is also spot on. Clear, understandable, insightful and different than the same old same old you find in every workshop, art mag or class. I own the entire Landscapes Through Time series on DVD as well as his DVD's for watercolor and acrylic painting. I go back to them again and again and always find something inspiring each time I watch.

David and his producer Connie tried to get this series off the ground last year and had trouble meeting their financial goals, but admirably they are trying again and they've almost raised the money they need. In a nutshell they ask you to commit to purchasing the series up front so they can go ahead with the production knowing that they will cover their costs. Your credit card won't be charged unless they raise the needed amount and move forward with the project. Then you'll receive your DVD's and any other perks you get based on the amount you've pledged.

They're really, really close and I would LOVE to have this series on Painting Skies become a reality, simply because I think I will benefit from it. Please click over to the Painting Skies Page and sign up for the DVD's. I'm more than willing to help a fellow Connecticut artist, especially one whose talks, classes and programs have been so enjoyable and educational for me. Thanks!

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