Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mystery Art and Art Fun

Detail #1

I'm working on something new and exciting. Can you guess the subject?

Detail #2

Can you guess what medium I'm working in? Aren't the colors amazing??

Detail #3

Can you guess what kind of surface I'm working on???

These are small approx. 1x2 in details from a new large piece I am working on. This is a departure from my usual soft edged, atmospheric, acrylic paintings.  This new direction is the fruit of my Wednesday Art Studies. Whenever you push out of your routine, and out of your comfort zone and give yourself the gift of time to explore without judging the outcome, but instead savor the process, creativity is unleashed and good things happen.

I'll unveil this mystery painting here on the blog in a few days. Meanwhile, I'd like to turn your attention to the side bar where I have added a nifty timeline of art history and a graphic of art careers. Just scroll down and look for both towards the bottom of the side bar.

And now for the FUN!!!

If you've been a long time reader of The Poetic Landscape you know that I love to find art in unexpected places out in the world, in the pop culture at large. Check out this blog post  I wrote back in  Dec. 2009 on this subject.

Having said that I was grinning from ear to ear when I found this video on YouTube....

Isn't that great? Art infiltrating the pop music scene! If these videos educate and inspire I'll be thrilled. If you couldn't identify all the paintings there are several videos on YouTube that show all the original paintings set to the song 70 Million. Just search on 70 Million Paintings.Given the abysmal failure of the public school system to teach even the most rudimentary knowledge of art history I applaud this.  If it gets even a few people into an art museum or looking up some of the paintings on Google, it will have made more of a contribution to art education than your local high school !

Enjoy, and remember, Live with Art, It's Good for You!