Friday, December 02, 2011

Ten Ways to Support an Artist this Christmas

Calm Love and Soulful Snow, 16x20, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

Ten Ways to Support an Artist this Christmas ~ by Jan Blencowe

1. Let's start with the most painfully obvious, buy an original piece of art work. Go to an art gallery, visit an artist's website, or visit their studio. Look for something that takes your breath away, makes your heart leap, and makes you feel wonderful when you look at it. Then buy it. Just do it. You will never regret the beautiful painting or sculpture that enriches your home and your life. 

2. Commission a painting: a favorite view, a person you love, spouse, child, grandchild, a beloved pet, or as a memorial of a loved one who has passed, painted from a favorite family photo.

3. Can't afford #1 or #2, ask the artist about acquiring your new painting by making installment payments over time. Or offer to barter, remember artists are creative sorts and will be open to creative ways to get their art into your life.

4. Give yourself a gift while supporting an artist, sign up to take a class or workshop in 2012.

5. Buy a gift certificate from an artist or gallery for an art lover, or for a couple recently married and furnishing a new home or a family that's just moved into a new home.

6. On a tight budget this year? Find an artist who offers smaller works or giclee prints of their work and buy something that makes your heart sing without making your wallet cry.

7. Share the love! Artist share their art freely for all to enjoy on the internet via their websites, blogs and Facebook pages. Share the love! Click "Like" when they post artwork and leave positive, encouraging comments and most important of all "share" their posts with your other Facebook "friends" and help get the artist's work in front of more eyes.

8. Do you have friends who love art, visit galleries and museums?  Get some business cards and postcards from some of your favorite artists and pass them out to people you know who love art.

9. Go to an art opening, sign the guest book and include all your contact info. Sign up for the artist's newsletter. Better yet bring along a few friends and encourage them to do the same.

10. Buy some art supplies for a child in your life, ensuring that the next generation of artists has a good start on the creative journey.


Jan Blencowe said...

Here's artist Lisa Call's great idea for promoting art this holiday season

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Wonderful list, Jan. Thanks for posting. Let's hope it will inspire some new collectors!

Hoghart said...

A beautiful painting and list. I will re-blog it.