Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year's Gift for You

I read books. A lot. I also spend a fair amount of time reading on the internet, other blogs, articles, Facebook, videos, websites, many of which I find by following links that others have posted. And if you're a regular reader of The Poetic Landscape you know that I also do a good amount of writing. During my literary travels throughout the year I come across many wonderful ideas and images. When I read I always have a highlighter with me plus a notebook, and when I'm on the internet I book mark a lot of pages so I can go back and find the things that made an impression on me. This little movie I made brings together some of the words, ideas, images and videos that caught my attention during 2011. Please take a moment and enjoy The Best Art Quips & Quotes of 2011, my New Year's Gift to you.

May the muse visit you often and bestow beauty and creativity on you in 2012,

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Oli said...

Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed it.
Happy New Year!