Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Block in of The Porcupine Islands, Maine

This is the beginning block-in of my latest painting. It's a 20x30,acrylic on linen. The view is from the top of Cadillac Mountain, in Acadia National Park, on Mt. Desert Island in Maine. Those are the Porcupine Islands in Frenchman's Bay, which you can see from the north side of Cadillac.

Apparently a lot of people like to photograph these islands at sunrise. During the fall and winter Cadillac Mountain is the first place in the US to see the sun rise. But for me it was the amazing, sweeping cloud formations overhead that caught my interest.  The sky that day emphasized the overwhelming feeling of vastness that you sense in Maine. 

The height of the mountain, 1,528 feet (470 m), makes it the highest point on the eastern seaboard. Cadillac mountain is largely composed of pink granite, it is covered with spruce and pitch pine forests, tiny sub alpine plants (such as cinquefoil), short gnarled trees, wild blueberries, and boulders of all sizes and shapes. 

The sky and clouds are the star of this show and that is where I will concentrate my time during the next several painting sessions.

Stay Tuned! and Don't forget....

Live with ART, It's GOOD for You! 

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Terri West said...

What an awesome place. I used to watch a tv show called sunrise and one of the shows was this beautiful and quiet! Amaizing start on your painting!