Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ArtMatters! Tip of the Week Slow Down and Refocus:7 Questions to Ask Yourself

Winter Dunes, pastel 8x10, Currently being exhibited at the Salmagundi Club Holiday/Winter Show , 47 5th Ave. New York  See it in a frame on my website here and then give it a Facebook "Like" by clicking the "Like" button on the right. Thanks!

I seem to be in a bit of a creative funk. Blocked when it comes to painting, what's on the easel has been 12 different paintings in the last three days and I'm not sure it's going anywhere good. I'm a bit short on inspiration and reference material at the moment. I'm thinking that I should get outside and paint or sketch en plein air and take a few museum trips. Plus, I've been so busy this year it would be a luxury to take two weeks for family time as my husband is taking the last two weeks of the year off for vacation.

But there is always more to learn and we wouldn't want to become stagnant so I'd like to share with you this article by Robin Sagara of Artists Career Training, www.ArtistCareerTraining.com  www.ArtBusinessLibrary.com 

Just click on the headline above and go read a short, to the point, very do-able article on art marketing. Enjoy!

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A.Decker said...

Love that painting! I'm always impressed when a pastel believably depicts moisture.
Congrats on the Salmagundi show, and thanks for the article. Good tips.