Sunday, November 06, 2011

New Work in Progress-Update

I'm making some headway on this work in progress. There's a long way to go but I thought you'd like to see an update. If you scroll down a couple of posts you'll see how this began. I've reigned in the bold and too busy cloud formations and worked to align the value structure. I eliminated the buildings and replaced them with pine trees which feels much better to me. The buildings brought a narrative component into the painting which I decided I did not want. I added a smaller tree on the right hand land form for balance.  I am carefully holding down color intensity and the entire foreground needs to be filled with lots and lots of small rocks and pebbles. That part is going to require some restful music, a cup of tea at hand and a more calm and meditative mindset than I have been able to get into for a couple of busy weeks now. So I am actually looking forward to blocking off some time to quietly and slowly create that part of the painting. More to come.

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