Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tree Study in Progress

A "tree study" in progress. Acrylic on 12x16 linen panel. Jan Blencowe, 2011

This is part of the view from my studio window. The somber colors of a gray October day were simply too much to resist. I put aside everything I was going to do this morning to focus on both a study of trees and of the subtle colors of a gray day. This scene seemed to be the perfect opportunity to practice the uneasy but evocative and mysterious intermingling of naturalism and poetry.

This needs to dry and get an isolation coat or two before I proceed. Meanwhile I'll be thinking about it and analyzing what's working and what's not, deciding what will stay and what will be eliminated. I will flick in some detail at the end but I anticipate leaving this rather loose and sketchy, a true etude.

Good-bye to Summer

Bestower of fruitfullness,
little pockets of gold
sing among the green
humming the melody
of autumn's arrival.
The calendar speaks
of no such thing,
but trees rarely lie.

Sumer's vibrant swelling
of sweet fruitfulness
still entices me.
Cool mornings and ripe afternoons
are too delicious for me
to simply say "good-bye".

I grieve again summer's going.
I struggle once more to welcome
the dying inherent in autumn.

I turn to my heart,
where you dwell in harmony.
Together we will prepare
for this never-easy-call
to say farewell to fruitfulness.

Wise Lady of the Seasons
you sing a spiraling melody
urging me onward with your song,
the only words of which I hear
are " let go, let go let go."

Joyce Rupp, Prayers to Sophia

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