Friday, October 14, 2011

New Charcoal Drawings

Maine Study in Black and White, charcoal on Canson Paper, 17.5 x 10.75, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

I'm working on a version of this as a painting in a slightly different format and I like the exposed mud mounds left by the low tide so much that I thought I explore it as a black and white charcoal study.

I love the expressiveness of charcoal and the ability I have to work in a subtractive way. That is, I am able to fill an entire area with deep, rich charcoal and then pull out the light with a kneaded eraser. The addition of white allows me to get the sparkle and contrast I need while the warm brown-gray of the paper serves as the middle value. 

Exercises like these are invaluable for honing a sensitivity to tone and value relationships along with getting practice adjusting hard and soft edges and creating mood and ambiguity.

I went back and made some tweaks to yesterday's charcoal, Acadia Memory, bringing some darker tones into the foreground water.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Cape Cod Museum and I'll have a review of the shows I see there for you on Sunday or Monday. 

Live with Art, it's Good for You!

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