Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the Beginning

Here's the start of a new painting I am working on. It's a 24x30, with a burnt umber under painting and the sky and a bit of the distant land blocked in. This is going to take a while to complete, first off because my Tuesday class doesn't want me to work on it unless they are there to observe! Which I completely understand, it's very rare to see a work of art developed from beginning to end.  Most demos are not long enough to have an entire painting developed before your eyes. Second, this is a larger painting that will have a cool palette of close value colors and that's going to take many layers to achieve.

Meanwhile I am going to start a very moody winter scene this week. Although not tomorrow, because tomorrow I will be on a spiritual retreat exploring "The Spirit of Celtic Images".

Bantry Boat with Celtic knotwork 

Live with Art, It's Good for You,

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Rolina said...

This looks like a wonderful beginning and I look forward to reading how you got on on the Celtic workshop!