Sunday, September 04, 2011

A New England Seascape Painting

White Mirth and Golden Sea, 18x24, acrylic on linen panel, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

Hurricane Irene left us without electricity, cell phone, cable, internet and land line phones for a week. Fortunately, we purchased and installed a generator in preparation for the storm so we were able to cook, shower and have lights in the evening.

Because we have a generator and I have good natural light in the studio I was able complete this new seascape during the week. I am now completely convinced that seascapes will become a regular subject for me. In fact, I have started another one that is on the easel right now. The endlessly changing sea and the multitude of rock configurations offer many intriguing compositional and textural possibilities. After the one that's on the easel is finished I'll probably switch to a few landscapes until I have more really exciting source material for seascapes. That source material will come from Rockport, MA this time because I'll be taking a trip up there in early October to deliver my painting Schoodic Point Afternoon (from my recent trip to Acadia) which was juried into the Rockport Art Association's New England Open Exhibition by one of my favorite plein air painters Don Stone.

  Schoodic Point Afternoon, 6x12, acrylic on panel, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

News, Upcoming Demos, Exhibits, Workshops, Open Studio Tour and more...

I have several events planned in the next couple of weeks that I thought you'd like to hear about.  On Tuesday, September 13th, I'll be giving a talk on Art Marketing for the Cheshire Art League, (CT) 7-9pm, covering things like artist statements, resumes, biographies, websites, blogs, and social media. On Thursday September 15th, 4:30-6:00pm my show Rhyme and Season: The Poetic Landscape opens in the Celeste LeWitt Gallery in the UConn Health Care Center in Farmington. If you're in the area I would *love* to see you there! When you enter the campus drive all the way up the hill and around the bend to the building at the very top. There's a little guard house at the entrance to the parking lot. Wednesday September 28th, 7pm I am giving a painting demo for the East Hampton Art Association focusing on the Chroma Interactive Acrylic Paint that I use. Saturday and Sunday, October 8th & 9th I will be opening my studio as part of the Killingworth Art Center's Autumn Art Trail. A $10 ticket gets you into a dozen private artists' studios along the shoreline and beyond. That's going to be a great weekend!! I hope you can come. I'll have lots going on in the studio, including painting demonstrations, art talks, special purchase opportunities, open class registration, and some delectable autumn themed food and drink. On Sunday October 30th, 10:00am-4:00pm at the Tracy Art Center in Old Saybrook I'll be giving a one day Landscape Composition Intensive Workshop. No painting involved but you'll need a note book, a sketchbook and some other drawing and sketching supplies. Be prepared to take in a lot of information!

Off the Bookshelf

Right now I'm reading a few wonderful books that in different ways are nurturing my creativity and artists' mind. They Are...

Excerpt: Our call as monks and artists is ultimately about serving the great mysteries of life and honoring this as a rich and fertile path.

Excerpt: You can give a painting snap by bringing a dark rock up against a burst of sunlit foam. But use this device only if you want a dramatic jolt. Otherwise, you should soften the effect by introducing transitional values; in that way, the eye will move more smoothly through the painting and the viewer will usually feel a greater satisfaction with the work.

Excerpt: ...color and beauty, which are ill-served by the modern worldview, are well served by the traditional worldview. When European scientists shifted their view...colors' beauty stopped being 'the splendor of the truth' and retreated into 'the eye of the beholder'. And our experience of the world became poorer.

I hope everyone effected by the hurricane now has power and is getting their lives back to normal! I'll try and have a few progress photos for you in the next day or two. The new painting is 20x24, and I expect it to take at least 2 weeks to complete. Stay tuned!!

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Janelle Goodwin said...

Your post inspired me this morning. I love the seascapes that you are now drawn to paint. As artists, we are always following a winding path and I find it interesting to what is next on your journey. And thank you for the book recommendations. I just ordered "The Artist's Rule: Nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom".