Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"I Am An Artist" Tee Shirt

I am an Artist. This does not mean I will work for free. I have bills to pay just like you. Thank you for understanding. Buy it here !!!

This has been going viral on Facebook this week and someone finally found a link to purchase it. It makes such a good point in a good natured way. I just ordered one !

Tomorrow night at 7pm I will be giving a painting demonstration for the East Hampton Art Association, at the public library, 105 Main Street, East Hampton, CT

The group is interested in hearing about how I use Chroma Interactive (slow drying) acrylics. I'll be bringing many acrylic products and materials that I use and explain how they can be applied in a variety of painting situations. I'll also be bringing several finished paintings that make use of different acrylic painting techniques. Of course we'll cover some painting basics like values, color, and composition. Plus, I will be painting! I decided with all that to cover I would do the under painting today and show the block in stage and perhaps some development during the demo since it's during those phases of the painting process that the acrylic techniques really come into play.

If you're in the area please feel free to stop in for the demo!


Nancy Medina said...

Oh my gosh Jan, this is great.

VictoriaVeildancer said...

Thank you for posting the link to the "I am an Artist" shirt- do you know who created the message though? I've been trying to find the source- seems like the person who wrote it should be getting credit for it! :)

Jan Blencowe said...

I'm assuming that the company that makes the Tee shirt came up with the wording or paid someone to do so. if anyone knows the actual name of the person I'd post it here.