Friday, September 30, 2011

10 Steps for Giving a Successful Painting Demonstration

The first stages of the demo painting.....more to come next week!

I was at the East Hampton Art Association this past Wednesday giving a talk and demonstration about using acrylic paint. As one attendee commented, I gave a "kick-*ss" demonstration! LOL

Given the fact that I do a lot of talks and demos and I love to do them, (and apparently they are successful) I though I'd share some of the things I've learned through trial and error over the years.

10 Steps for Giving a Successful Painting Demonstration

  1. Confirm the time and location a day before
  2. Double check all the supplies you are bringing
  3. Arrive early enough to set up properly
  4. Think through what you will paint beforehand
  5. Have 3-5 clear points you want to make about your painting method
  6. Review those points at least once during your demonstration
  7. Plan beforehand how you will demonstrate those points
  8. Use all your usual materials, this is not the time to try a new surface, color or brush
  9. Be sure to move away from the easel frequently so the audience can see your progress
  10. Have a hand out reviewing your materials, methods, your contact info, website for people to take home

At lot of this in just common sense but it's good to be reminded. If you're not very experienced at public speaking, practice, out loud at home, even if you need to send your family out for pizza so you get some time alone to do this. No kidding it's a must and really helps your delivery. 

Make eye contact with your audience, have a sense of humor and roll with the punches as things will always go wrong, stuff falls, you get paint in your hair whatever, it's all part of being real!

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