Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Maine Painting Trip, part 4

View from Blueberry Hill, Schoodic Point, Acadia, ME, 6x32, diptych  Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

The whole reason we took this painting trip is because my friend Claudia had such great memories of painting in Acadia more than a decade ago with Betty Lou Schlemm, and Mike and Dot Stoffa.

Trouble is she remembered that there was this great spot to paint with amazing views, and you could park right there, not schlepping easels and gear down a trail. She also remembered that they stayed in great little cottages, but she wasn't sure which town they were in! LOL 

Finding that exact painting spot and the little cottages became a holy grail for us during the trip! We did indeed find the spot and the cottages eventually! This was the spot above, Blueberry Hill, and the cottages were still there owned by the same person, though the other owner had passed on. 

This was a beautiful, beautiful morning but it was HOT !  The 2 parts of the diptych each took 2 hours so I painted for a total of 4 hours and the scenery was so gorgeous, I was completely in the zone and the pieces seemed to paint themselves!

painting on Blueberry Hill

This was the day we had the most fabulous and authentic downeast Maine lunch. We had enormous lobster rolls and homemade blueberry pie! So good!

Before lunch we rested in the car to get some shade so that after lunch we were ready to move to another painting spot on the Schoodic peninsula.

Schoodic Point Afternoon, Acadia Nat'l Park, 6x12, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

This was the scene earlier in the day. The light was much better by 3pm.

By the time we were done we were hot and exhausted so we splashed our feet in the cold, cold waters of the Atlantic.

We had intended to do one more painting the next morning before we left, but it was gray and drizzily so we went to an antique store instead!

After that we headed home, determined to go back next year and paint for a full week! I hope you enjoyed sharing my Maine painting trip on the blog! It was fun to recount it all for you.


Roxanne Steed said...

I really love this series of paintings Jan!

Rolina said...

Fabulous work and ahhhh for your cooling feet, lol!

Paintdancer said...

Jan, Loved the stories about your painting adventures in Acadia! The paintings are lovely and I think I love the one of Sand Beach the best!
We were in Maine last week. It was just gorgeous. We stayed at Southwest Harbor and I got up at 5 in the morning every day to catch the light. (I never do that in Florida!) Glad you had such a fun trip.