Sunday, March 20, 2011

David Dunlop Launches a New "Painting Skies" Project

I've heard David Dunlop speak numerous times and even chatted with him in person once or twice. He is by far my favorite "art speaker". Engaging, enthusiastic, entertaining and extremely knowledgable, drawing connections across disciplines, as diverse as neuroscience and art history, with ease. His talks are always fascinating and stimulating on an intellectual level and inspiring on an artistic one.

You may remember him from the PBS series Landscapes Through Time, which won and Emmy. I have the whole series. I've watched each episode numerous times and particularly love the episodes on George Inness, JMW Turner, Luminist Landscapes and The Hudson River School Painters. Though really it's hard to choose a favorite.

I also have Dunlop's instructional videos for watercolor and acrylic which I also find excellent. Which brings me to the purpose of this post. Dunlop and his partner Connie Simmons are producing a new series of videos on Painting Skies. They're doing something brave, forward looking and unique using some of the newest on line venues. They are looking for ordinary folks to back them. You can pre-order this series of DVD's for $50, they will retail for about $80 when they are launched in the marketplace, If they can raise the needed $25,000 through pre-order backers or pledges the project is a GO! If not you'll never be charged a thing and sadly their project will never be realized.

I seriously want this DVD set to become a reality, because I know I will personally benefit from owning it! So I'm asking all of you to consider pre-ording this DVD set as well. There are other levels of backing with different levels of rewards too, so if you can do more you'll get the project going even faster.

Here's a brief explanation from their Project Page at ...

The Painting Skies DVD will include four one hour programs that feature four different types of skies: Luminous Skies, Romantic Turbulent Skies, Classic Italian Ideal Landscape Skies, and Cloud Studies.

Each program will have three sections. David will begin by discussing and diagramming the design and composition of several relevant paintings by a range of different artists, including Claude, van Ruisdael, Turner, Constable, and the Hudson River painters - as well as contemporary painters. Next, he will demonstrate how to paint the skies in each of these paintings, discussing every step of his painting process along the way. He will then paint a demonstration painting showing how you can incorporate these techniques into your own unique style.

Click here to watch a video clip

I want you to know that neither David or Connie asked me to do this blog post, and I get nothing from it except the DVD's  which I pre-ordered for $50, if they are able to raise the needed funds. I'm writing about this because I think the idea of getting backers using the internet is an exciting idea for artist entrepeneurs and because I gain so much from Dunlop's presentations, so really I'm doing it for me because I'd love to own this series. Based on David's past DVD's and his live lectuers and the video clip above I can give the project 5 stars before it's even made!!

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