Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter Exhibition Time

Winter is cold, snowy and sometimes even depressing. I try very hard to tap into the charms of winter. The steely gray skies, the graceful bare trees, the purity of freshly fallen snow, the deafening silence early on a winter's morn.

But if I still have a difficult time overcoming cabin fever I head out to a museum, lecture or exhibit.  It's also nice to be in a winter exhibit. Even if you have to lug your paintings through mountains of snow as I will tomorrow it will be a boost to the spirits to get out of the house and around other artists and soak in a little of the group energy that always surrounds receiving day for an art exhibit.

Here they are tagged and ready to go....

After the Storm on the left and Arc en Ciel on the right.

Also I promised to show you my charcoal drawings once they were framed. Here they are in gorgeous, rich mats and frames with museum glass, so there is practically no glare at all. It's expensive but worth it. 

Sherwood Island on top and Griswold Point below.

I think they look fabulous framed up. I reconnected with a woman I knew from years ago when I homeschooled my kids. She now has a frame shop and her husband is actually our landscaper!  She owns Shoreline Framing in Westbrook, CT.  I love what she did with these and since her shop is close I'll be bringing both my work and my daughter's work to her to frame. (That's one of my daughter's still life paintings on the credenza in the first picture).

So if you're suffering from the winter blues or cabin fever and you're withing driving distance of Connecticut come out for the opening of the Winter Exhibit at Maple & Main Gallery, One Maple Street, Chester, CT on Friday evening Feb. 4th 5-8pm for the opening reception. The show runs through April 1st so any time you need a respite from winter come to Chester, there are several wonderful restaurants all just across the street from the gallery. River Tavern, L&E French Restaurant, or if you're just in the mood for something light Simon's Marketplace or The Wheat Market around the corner.

Plus there are a number of other art galleries in Chester, EO,  Lief Nilsson Studio, Chester Gallery, The Mill Gallery, Lori Warner and a few others. Chester is a charming little town with an artsy flair. If you visit I guarantee you'll love it!


Vikki Bouffard said...

Jan, These two pieces are so emotional and compelling. I love the light and feel of them. But you are absolutely right to frame those drawings--they too are artworks in themselves. Charcoal is a beautiful medium. Best of luck at the opening--I cannot make it that night, but hope to stop by the gallery and see the exhibit soon. Best regards, Vikki Bouffard

A.Decker said...

Sounds like a good plan for throwing off the winter blues. The paintings look great, but I just can't get over how good those drawings look!