Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunset Across the Marsh, pastel

Sunset Across the Marsh, 10.75 x 17.75, pastel on handmade paper, Jan Blencowe
copyright 2011

I'm stuck again showing you a not so great photo taken in the studio with my iPhone.  It was just too freezing cold to take this outside to photograph!

Anyway, I love the handmade paper and the Pan Pastels with the Girault pastels on top, that for me is a winning combination. 

Below are some progress photos so you can see how this took shape...

I started the under painitng in deep grays and blues and kept the Pan Pastels loose, painterly and expressive, which you would be able to see more of IF I had better photos, curse all this snow, ice and cold!

Then I began layering on the colors first with solid areas of Pan pastel (which you can still see in the foreground) and then with open strokes of Girault which allows the Pan colors below to show through.

Here it is nearly complete tacked up on my drawing board.

I feel like I'm on a pastel roll so there might be another one this week, stay tuned!


Joan said...

I always love to see the progression of your work, Jan. It's amazing how you move from layer to layer so seemingly effortlessly.

coralmoon said...

Your work is absolutely lovely!