Monday, January 10, 2011

New Pan Pastel Along with Giraults

Distant light, pastel on handmade paper, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2011

This is my first piece using my new landscape set of pan pastels and my set of Elizabeth Mowry Girault pastels. Those two are a wonderful combination! The pan pastels applied with the little mitten sponge on the end of a painting knife allows me to quickly lay in the whole composition in soft edged, atmospheric territories of color. This provides a substantial layer of pastel to work over with the Giraults, which have a creamy, not powdery consistency.

I'm thinking about entering a piece into the Pastel Society of CT Members Show which is coming up soon. At the moment I can't decide between this on and this one.....

Autumn Storm

Of course I had so much fun with the pastels that I may do a few more and give myself a nervous breakdown choosing! LOL


Prerana said...

Wonderful! Both are a beauty! I liked the Autumn Storm more, it glows more to me.

sweet karen said...

I am not good in painting but I appreciate much your work.

landscape paintings