Monday, November 08, 2010

New Works on Paper

Sherwood Island Summer, 17x13, acrylic on paper, copyright 2010 Jan Blencowe

Old Lyme Marsh, Dark Moss Green Charcoal on Stone Henge Paper, copyrigth 2010 Jan Blencowe

Amidst all the busyiness of running our new gallery, Maple & Main, I have still found some time to be in the studio. For an intriguing change of pace I've changed things up a bit and begun working on paper. Paper is a lovely thing, it's basic to an artist and conjuers up for me the delightful luxury of exploring and sketching with relaxation and freedom from my student days. No pressure to produce something "good" no guilt for wasting expensive linen. On paper I experience the joy of being an artist first and foremost.

The Sherwood Island piece was begun using a watercolor pencil and washes. Next I moved to my new set of Golden Fluid acrylics. I'm lovin' those. They give the transparency and movement of watercolors and allow the true watermedia aspects of the acrylic to come through. Later in the painting I built up a little bit with my regualr Chroma acrylics to give the paint surface a little body and opacity in certain areas. That whole process combined with the beautiful feel of the Arches cold press paper makes for a very exciting paitning experience, one I will continue to explore in the weeks and months to come.

Charcaol is the most painterly tool for drawing in monochrome that there is. For color work hard pastels like Nu-Pastel or CreateColor are tops, but for the simple elegance of a monochrome drawing with a painterly aspect it's charcoal for me! I really like the Derwent tinted charcoal pencils, they tend to give a softer, earthier feel with a bit less drama than the deep, dark blacks of regualr charcoal. I find drawing to be a very relaxing process. For reasons not fully inderstrood by me, painting is always "work" requiring mental, intuitive and physical energy. After a day of painting there is usually immense satisfaction but exhaustion. Drawing on the other hand seems more lesiurely and meditative to me.

The biggest challenge I face now, with 2 solo shows looming in June and August of 2011, is finding ways to mat and frame these pieces that will integrate them into my larger body of paintings on linen. When I decide on what I'm doing I'll share my solutions with you!

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Ishita B said...

Love the drawing Jan! I am back to the drawing board myself! Even though my drawings are a little tightly rendered, I am feeling so free!!! Maybe it is the medium that frees up that little artist child in us??