Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Painting Goes to Hollywood!

Bauer Farm Barns, acrylic, Jan Blencowe, copyright 2009

I am so excited to tell you that my painting Bauer Farm Barns is being purchased by 20th Century Fox and being used in an upcoming film, We Bought a Zoo, starring Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon!!

See what happens when you work hard at building your web presence and making your art work easy to find on the internet!! 

Where in the World Have I Been?

There's been an awful lot going on in my life since June. You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much as I used to. But I am determined to get back on track for the new year! 

Most of what has happened is very, very good! We've built a brand new house, complete with a large, well lit studio for me! We close next Friday and will be moving in over the first few weeks of December. We should actually be all moved in by Dec. 20th, just in time to put up the Christmas Tree!

Here it is, a lovely New England Cape in classic Harbor Gray and White! Amazing to think we broke ground the first week of June and the house is done already!!

 The studio is over the garage, with it's own separate entrance next the the garage doors.

We have a very large, fairly level backyard, then a large hill and beyond that a beaver pond and marsh! We've already seen deer, snapping turtles, all manner of bird and water fowl and who knows what else we'll see in the coming months!

More News. 

Way back in June I never, ever would have suspected that by October I would be in a business partnership with 32 other artists and president of an LLC, Maple & Main Gallery of Fine Art.. 

Oh, and did I mention that I'm the chairperson of the Marketing and Publicity committee for M&M also! LOL I'm just a wee bit busy!  The gallery is absolutely gorgeous and has had stunning success in a bad economy. We opened on Sept. 17th and to date have sold 17 paintings and have 2 sales pending!!

I have learned more about business since August than I ever dreamed possible, and as a life long learner I'm thrilled.

Life has a way of being filled with both celebration and struggles, and our lives are no exception. My oldest son has been struggling with a health concern. He is returning from school in Arizona at Christmas and will be living home and going to school here in CT so we are better able to manage that.

Two weeks ago my beloved Maggie ate a bottle of Advil and nearly died. She is fully recovered now but she gave us quite a scare. That was a dreadful time for her and us.

Reflections on the Season

Some time this week end between the turkey, the football game and the pie, remember to "give thanks in all things", not for all things, since clearly some things are devastating, but in everything both joyful and life affirming and in suffering and hurt there is a God who loves you and a meaningful reason that is meant to enrich your humanity, even if the delivery is painful for a moment. In the end it is all woven together for good and so we can deeply, truly and from the heart Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!


k. Madison Moore Contemporary Fine Artist said...

HI Jan,
I am just so thrilled for all the great things that are happening in your life. Your new home is beautiful and congrats on the painting. You are on an upward swing and you certainly do deserve it.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
I miss you very much.
Best wishes,

Hélène GLEHEN said...

That is a very nice post.
Congratulations to you for both the painting and the new house which looks lovely.
You must be very happy to have this new studio as well. What a treat.

Here in France, we do not celebrate Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, I wish you and your familly a happy day.

♥ Hélène Glehen - a French artist, fond of roses and romantic stuff ♥

Roxanne Steed said...

Jan, I'm finally reading this post - and realize you've had 'all 4 burners cooking' for a long time!! The new house looks amazing!! and the views- wow! I guess you're right in the thick of moving right now! Best of luck with all the changes and challenges! I know you will rise above them all! Love to you & your family,