Saturday, October 02, 2010

September Song, a tonalist painting, of a Connecticut Marsh

September Song, 8x10, plein air field study, Jan Blencowe, copyrigth 2010

Things have been REALLY busy starting a new gallery! Our website is beautiful 
and we have a facebook page 
Please visit both if you have a moment and would like to see some really gorgeous paintings!

Even though I've been so busy I could not let this beautiful weather pass me by without getting out to do a little plein air painting.  September is a very gentle month when the blazing heat of August has passed but the intense color of October isn't revealed and the chilly winds of November haven't yet forced the leaves from the trees. Time seems to be suspended during gentle September afternoons when the light gets silvery and the greens mellow to gold in the marsh.

While I was out painting this a photographer from the New Haven Register, Mara Lavitt stopped by and chatted with me and took this photo which appeared on the front of the Local Section last week. You can see the strong colors of my under painting as I was only about 20 minutes into this when Mara came along and took the photo.

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