Saturday, October 02, 2010

Please Help A Place to Bark

 Polly, Australian Shepherd, coimmissioned painting

Maggie, my own Border Collie

This is a little off topic from my usual posts but I must tell you about A Place to Bark. They are an amazing no kill animal shelter in Tennessee. Bernie Berlin, an artist, runs the shelter and is an absolute guardian angel to thousands of homeless dog and cats. She works tirelessly and rescues animals from situations I can't even bear to think about. I have never seen anyone work as hard as she does both physically and emotionally on behalf of homeless animals.  Earlier this year A Place to Bark was in danger of having to close its doors! They are hanging on month to month. They have entered the Go Daddy Summer Commercial Contest. The winner receives $250,000. Can you imagine how this could help A Place to Bark and all the sweet, loving dogs they rescue. I have never personally met Bernie I know her through Twitter and was so impressed by her shelter that I donate whenever I can.

Here's how you can help. Their commercial has just slipped out of the #1 spot. PLEASE go watch the commercial and give them a 5 star rating.  It seems that you can vote more than once if you leave the site and go back in. I don;t believe this is cheating, lots of on line contests are like that.

If you're an animal lover please take just a moment to do this, so many beautiful annimals depend on you. Thanks, Jan

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Roxanne Steed said...

These faces are so sweet!!! and yes, I'll go to the site & click for the *****!!