Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ancient Rocks, a poetic landscape

Ancient Rocks, 24x30, acrylic on linen, copyright 2010 Jan Blencowe
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This beautiful scene is just 10 minutes from my home. These rocks, rounded and worn smooth by time and tides are ancient, at least 10,000 years old. They were deposited here ages ago by a retreating glacier at the end of the last ice age.  They form part of a geological feature known as a moraine. I often go here in  the evenings to sit and listen to the waves and watch the sun sink in the west as a warm glow creeps across the landscape.

These old rocks remind me of the importance of persevering through life's storms and batterings and the wisdom of aging smoothly with roundness, grace and beauty.

I'm entered in the Odd Nerdrum Poetica Competition on Facebook and would dearly appreciate it if you would "Like" my painting which counts as a vote also feel free to leave a comment. The competition mission says this: "Today, the poetic picture is a subculture, but should be revived as a house-hold name." 

What exactly is a poetic landscape? Here's a link to a lengthy article, that provides both a general over view of the history of poetic landscape painting and a specific focus on the use of sketches and water media used by many artists. This may be more than you ever wanted to know but if you're interested it's a fascinating article. The Poetic Landscape by Bruce MacEvoy

Also for pastel artists and anyone who loves a poetic landscape I can recommend Elizabeth Mowry's book


AutumnLeaves said...

Absolutely beautiful landscape/seascape here, Jan. Am I seeing a bit of Hudson River School influence?

padmaja said...

Hi Jan, all the works are marvelous, each one as sublime as a beautiful poem..Truly enjoyed every bit!

A.Decker said...

This looks as rich as oil, a great feat with acrylics, imo.

I love the analogy you get from the rocks, too.

And thanks for the links.